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Choosing a meal

So, it’s Christmas, which includes meetings with relatives, decorating, talk to people you like, meet with friends and spend some (more) time together, going trips or staying home and doing something that you like on your own, now that you finally have your free time.

I forgot something most important in the list above. Eating, that is! For God’s shake people go and eat something special. Chinese, Armenian, Vietnamese, anything, you will not have that opportunity for a year. Even if it’s bad tasting, it surely is something special that you can add in your achievements. But watch out. There are people out there who know that you will be eating, and guess what! They are looking for your money!

New York Times, has published an article describing how the design of a menu can affect your orders. PEOPLE, this is a dare situation, that needs direful actions. We must take the initiative. People this is urgent. If we lose our appetite then we lose everything. We are not going again to make a choice of our own! Advertisements are all over the place, the menus were just a matter of time.

People we need you all these moments. Alone we are not going to accomplish anything. Just try to make a choice that you want the most, and forget about anything else. Do not care on what they tell you, or what they would like. Act on your own, and if you want it so much, then take that dish. Remember folks, it’s Christmas. Act as you like. Here is a video to cheer you up.



Vacation Mode On

Ahhhh, my holidays have just started. I am at Messenia and swimming at last in sea. No jelly-fish for now, lucky me.

The trip to the hotel was tiresome. Not only we changed two busses and it lasted about 6 hours, but the road was through the mountains, and in the end I got a stomach ache. And at that exact part was the time, that a beautiful local lady sat next to me… :( . We talked about the beautiful places of her birthplace, and told me some monuments to visit, the castle of Koroni, the ancient city of Koroni, the castle of Kalamata, some beautiful and forgotten by God beaches, the village of Xora which seems like an islands’ city with its traditional houses, and a cafe with a nice view over a beach. All that talking made my stomach ache even worse, and the final part was spoiled. YOU ARE OUTLAW PETE.

I will upload pictures when I can. The hotel has free wireless access via internet, so I can stay in touch with most of my friends. But no reading in vacation mode :P .  See ya in my next post (or comments? who knows?). Have a nice day fellow humanoids.