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Huhu, job offers

Whew, with such unemployment in Europe the future is certainly unknown. But I always listen to things like “hey, if you are good in what you are doing, you have nothing to be afraid”. Well, “hey, does this solves the problem?”. Why unemployment exists anyway? Shouldn’t we just kill it?

If unemployment is rising this means, more people don’t have a job. The more people don’t have work, the more CVs will rise. The more CVs means worse working environment. The worse working environment, means more suicides (also bad health, and we die earlier). Other people will replace the missing, and that’s how this will go on. It’s like recycling, but is this what we want? Is this the cure of our problems? HELL NO. Humans never liked recycling, and we can’t let this happen.

I propose we all exchange CVs and work for each other. If a friend needs something that you can produce, help him, and may the opposite will happen. In this way, we will all have a work, and also a better CV. This means better job chances, more professional employees, better working environment, and lastly, the fall of unemployment. HELL YEAH. In small scale it worked, why not in large? Simple logic guys.

So, what happens now? Revolution?no.Elections?no.War?…hold yourself….no. What happens is Experimental Gameplay Project, The Experimental Gameplay Workshop, Global Game Jam, and the list goes on, and of course these opportunities happen  in every side of life. Just get yourself known. Do something. Best of luck my fellow humanoids.