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Google Wave

Recently I had an invitation for Google Wave. With only 2 friends there, it wasn’t fun at all. But now I have to spare 8 invitations to friends :D

In general Google Wave is a fine web application. Most of all its a communication application. With Google Wave you can’t find ex-classmates, join groups, or things like that you do to facebook. However you can speak real-time to friends, make easily a poll and discuss about something with friends easily.  It’s interface is nice and smooth, as always to Google products.

I keep wondering what its use would be, and if it beat Facebook. With its own API in no time applications will be built that can cover all the facebook features. It all depends on the community. Also I keep wondering what will it be when google release Google Chrome OS. They are all promising but unseen so far.

I love Google but these actions are really risky, and I keep wondering if they succeed. By the way, to browse Google Wave with Internet Explorer you will need Chrome framework installed.

Did I hear virtualization?

I never thought it would come up so quick again. Hot hot hot…

A friend of mine introduced me to this game, Erepublik (this is a referer link. It would benefit me if you used it as it is, so you are bound to use it as it is). It is supposed to be a virtual society, a real whole world, with the temporary exception of some small countries. By registering you become a civilian from the country you chose. There you will have to apply for a job, easy thing contrary to the real world, work, something which last only one click instead of the hours we work in real life, and train in the army, also easy one clicky.

The interesting part is that it has its own political system, marketplace and press. After some time you are able to create a party and have members in it. You are to have elections and be the president of the country. Vote for taxes, money deposits, alliances, create hospitals and lots of other things. Create a newspaper and inform people about your opinion for how things go, and affect their opinion about a matter of things. You are able to found a company and create items,  construct, or provide a particular service, something that someone will need to develop himself or his company ingame.

The more interesting part is wars (as always)! You actually have lots of possibilities. A political take over (PTO) for example. Croatia has that problem now, as it approved many immigrants in the country. These immigrants created a party, that after some months got the majority. They raised export taxes, and lowered import taxes, so their economy was blown to hell. After that its territories were conquered. But Croatians did not give up. They have developed an outgame marketplace in which everyone may be informed which companies are national and buys from them, even if they are more expensive than the others. Also they are united against the common enemy, and will soon start a revolution war to free their territories, and lastly they have one united party in the upcoming elections to vote.

That proves my theory that wars unite people. We could actually make real life wars every day so humans were united too, and since from  mistakes you learn – and war is a big mistake(they say) – your education would be academic!!!! Just think about it. If our politicians played this game they would not be so noobs right now.

You can read about the leading alliances, here and here. Also read your countries history, and finally get informed about the ongoing World War I, World War II, and World War III. YOU ARE OUTLAW PETE.


Ikariam is an MMO civilization style game. It’s browser based meaning it needs no graphics card, nor lot of space in your hard disk. It simply needs a browser and access to the internet, so you’ll be able to play even with the new Google Chrome OS (and that’s good news because you are going to install it when it’s released).

In ikariam, I have 4 cities, in islands with marble, wine, sulfur, and crystal glass. Each one is gathered by my men, and used for different causes, mainly military. I have entered an alliance, where we accept 1 vs 1, and is mostly military. What i love most in this game is that it’s played by grown people, most of them mentally healthy.

An island with cities

An island with cities

Recently I was attacked by a humanoid which had x4 points than me, but his military points were equal to mine. I have talked to it, but never received an answer, so I informed our general. Since he wanted to test his new military units, bombers, I let him attack, and I was astonished from the result. The city of my target was defended and by a teammate of his alliance, but my general had sent enough troops. During the attack my target warned my general that it would inform its own leader to attack him. It also said to retreat his troops in 5 minutes. lol, 5 minutes was his remaining life. After that I attacked too and looted the goods that he stole me. After that I attacked 2 more times and earned even more goods.

But that was not the end. I saw an attack coming from another city of it. The attack would reach my city in 1 hour, so I had time to prepare defence. I transferred units in my city and upgraded the wall, sent spies in its cities and saw its communications. I saw that it talked to its teammate, so I was for a double defence. It blocked my harbor, before I realised, and an attack was inbound from his teammate with troops I couldn’t even match. I was tricked and vulnerable at that time, and then diplomacy took place. My general talked to it and his friend. The attack had been retrieved, but after a while it was inbound again. 7 hours for the block to end and transfer my goods and units to another city, I couldn’t make it. I had closed all of my productions so it’ll not loot many goods. 3 minutes before the attack, it retrieved it. Not knowing exactly what happened I informed my general and he answered me that his is still negotiating. The leader of my alliance was involved too!!

At last the block ended, no attack until then. I transferred everything in another city and it all went well. Negotiations had worked, and justice has been given. After that an other player attacked me, with even more military points than me. I just communicated with him being ironic, and he retrieved his troops. WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED? When I asked her (yeah the player had the nick “sexy”), she said that she retrieved her troops because I didn’t swear her. After that I sent her 2000 units of marble and she thanked me. I LOVED THAT MOMENT, SO SWEET :O !!

I recommend you all join ikariam, preferably in your local language since people are more talkative there. We even go for a real life cafe in our alliance! Also pick a good alliance which has members around you, not the most powerful though since the game would lose its meaning. Mine alliance is ranked 120th, and I really loved ikariam from that moment. I really think everyone in the government should play the game to see how things turn up in virtual world, like soldiers who are trained in video games. That way they would earn xp points and would be better politicians in real life. Whoahhh!!!

Vacation Mode On

Ahhhh, my holidays have just started. I am at Messenia and swimming at last in sea. No jelly-fish for now, lucky me.

The trip to the hotel was tiresome. Not only we changed two busses and it lasted about 6 hours, but the road was through the mountains, and in the end I got a stomach ache. And at that exact part was the time, that a beautiful local lady sat next to me… :( . We talked about the beautiful places of her birthplace, and told me some monuments to visit, the castle of Koroni, the ancient city of Koroni, the castle of Kalamata, some beautiful and forgotten by God beaches, the village of Xora which seems like an islands’ city with its traditional houses, and a cafe with a nice view over a beach. All that talking made my stomach ache even worse, and the final part was spoiled. YOU ARE OUTLAW PETE.

I will upload pictures when I can. The hotel has free wireless access via internet, so I can stay in touch with most of my friends. But no reading in vacation mode :P .  See ya in my next post (or comments? who knows?). Have a nice day fellow humanoids.