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Did I hear virtualization?

I never thought it would come up so quick again. Hot hot hot…

A friend of mine introduced me to this game, Erepublik (this is a referer link. It would benefit me if you used it as it is, so you are bound to use it as it is). It is supposed to be a virtual society, a real whole world, with the temporary exception of some small countries. By registering you become a civilian from the country you chose. There you will have to apply for a job, easy thing contrary to the real world, work, something which last only one click instead of the hours we work in real life, and train in the army, also easy one clicky.

The interesting part is that it has its own political system, marketplace and press. After some time you are able to create a party and have members in it. You are to have elections and be the president of the country. Vote for taxes, money deposits, alliances, create hospitals and lots of other things. Create a newspaper and inform people about your opinion for how things go, and affect their opinion about a matter of things. You are able to found a company and create items,  construct, or provide a particular service, something that someone will need to develop himself or his company ingame.

The more interesting part is wars (as always)! You actually have lots of possibilities. A political take over (PTO) for example. Croatia has that problem now, as it approved many immigrants in the country. These immigrants created a party, that after some months got the majority. They raised export taxes, and lowered import taxes, so their economy was blown to hell. After that its territories were conquered. But Croatians did not give up. They have developed an outgame marketplace in which everyone may be informed which companies are national and buys from them, even if they are more expensive than the others. Also they are united against the common enemy, and will soon start a revolution war to free their territories, and lastly they have one united party in the upcoming elections to vote.

That proves my theory that wars unite people. We could actually make real life wars every day so humans were united too, and since from  mistakes you learn – and war is a big mistake(they say) – your education would be academic!!!! Just think about it. If our politicians played this game they would not be so noobs right now.

You can read about the leading alliances, here and here. Also read your countries history, and finally get informed about the ongoing World War I, World War II, and World War III. YOU ARE OUTLAW PETE.

How video games virtualize real life

You learnt from my previous post, that video games help people earn experience, or literally speaking xp points, but no one agreed with me, or at least no one showed me that I was right. Now here is and a second evidence that I was actually right, except if this analyst copied me and just cloned something which I presented first, so it would be a fraud. If that’s the case, I guarantee to you that I know nothing. Anyway here it is.

In this article, Peter Suderman, shows a real example how con mans and people who think are rich, affected the EVE economy. For those who live under a rock, EVE is a multiplayer game one from the so called MMO games (more information here). Players in EVE are real, they act real but simply in a virtual world. They act for the best of them as you act your own in your life, if you aren’t suicidal that is. With the disposal of these cheaters the economy grew better like it restored from an economic crisis (does this rings a bell?). The population grew, the game was more realistic, and one also good thing is that the servers were not overloading again. In real life this means that cheaters spread uncertainty to the world, they are the source of a hundred problems, and they are not populating themselves in a natural way.

In my previous post I encouraged politicians to play MMO games. Now I encourage everyone. Simply find a game that suits you. There are lot and certainly one for you. Live on my fellow humanoids.