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Linear algebra

Personally, I used to hate maths. I always thought it as a waste of time. It just needs so much attention for something so tiny, and without realising it, my grades started dropping… YOU ARE OUTLAW PETE. But then again, I had that really amazing physics teacher at my final year of school, who made me love physics, maths, and ancient greek again (no do not try to use that as your own excuse). So my conclusion became that math is interesting to those who know where to apply it.

I’ve read recently (before two hours) linear algebra, from a game developers’ article, and was really astonished. I mean, wοοt, WTF, where the hell that came from??? The article is based on physics in games development, and though I’ve not reached such a level yet, quickly became fond of it. I’ve read an XNA tutorial about 2D game development, where they use radians to calculate the rotation of objects, and cos and sin (I’ve really forgotten that ones) for the velocity, but didn’t really paid much attention. I thought I should just copy-paste it. And now, out of the blue, I’ve just realised what vectors are!!!(and scalars too!)

It seems to me, that what someone really needs is a good example, and not something like “solve this” (GO TO HELL). So nip down to grab a book, and start gaining knowledge, you humanoid. Best of luck.