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Week #5 of ISS development

About here I was convinced to release my game. But, ach, my friends were merciless.

The changes in Beta 02 were massive, and I didn’t release my game that time as I was intending to (thank God!!!). At that time I’ve begun and my notorious PR campaign by advertising my game everywhere (for example this devlog) :D Read the rest of this entry

Weeks #2 & #3 of development of ISS

The next two alphas had some few but nice changes. I tried to get to know flashpunk and implemented a lot of basic stuff. Alpha 02 had particles, sound effects, a basic GUI that would stay there for some time, Win, Lost and Pause screens, and at last the enemies fired upon the player who had 3 lives. The game started to take shape but there were still a lot of things to fix, and the level selection, and about screen still didn’t work.

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