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Links on how to install Mac OS X on a PC

Today was a big day. I tried to install Mac on my PC. I couldn’t make it because the stupid thing doesn’t recognize my PS/2 keyboard. Seems that there is no solution except if I am to connect a USB keyboard and from that type some commands with a kext file. I loled, its like when you have your keyboard disconnected from your PC, and the damn thing sais you that it has found no keyboard but asks you to press F1 to continue!

I shall recommend the Kalyway version, because it’s the one I used. Here is the release post of version 10.5.1 . Here is the experience of a user trying to get it working. You should read this to get an idea of what you are trying to get your hands on. Finally, here is a wiki that guides you how to install Kalyway 10.5.2 version. About the DVD you should search at your torrents provider, but I suggest The Pirate Bay in order to piss off the people who want to close it, and encourage the movement.

The install won’t go as planned for sure. The fact that my VGA is an ATI HD4850 didn’t create trouble with the lack of drivers. The trouble was created by gParted. My TFT monitor was out of range when it was loading the GUI. So I did the obvious. Took an Ubuntu live CD, opened the terminal, typed “gksu gparted”, and from there I did my job. Good job Canonical! The next problem was that I had Windows Vista and so I couldn’t edit the file “boot.ini” because it simply didn’t exist. My solution was that post. I would like to hug the people who helped me, but because I can’t, I want to thank them from here. Please inform them to read my post. Thank you.

So why do you want to install Mac? Is it because it has no virus insulting you? Or is it the flashy little icons and effects?