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Ikariam scripts

So, I saw in my blogs’ stats that someone came by, by searching for “how to install ikariam sexy theme”. Once more this saws how people, even if they don’t express in words, are easily read. Google owns us all. But what if we own google? I advise you to find out how to use smart keywords in order to find really useful things like top secret documents of governments, or databases with user names and passwords, or even online webcams with no security.

Anyway, back to our subject. First of all you have to use Firefox to install a script that will make your life easier. Then you shall add the greasemonkey add-on (by the way, as a good (wo)man that you are, think of a donation). Now to the most interesting part, by searching in google for “greasemonkey scripts” you will find what you want, but that would compromise you! So here is the direct link. You can thank me in comments by the way. Note here that some of these scripts are considered illegal.

This will be your teacher from now on

This will be your academy from now on

Now, as for the useful ikariam scripts here are some. Ikariam Reloaded removes the silly ads, and replaces them with some useful stats like your selected city generals. But be careful with that! You can be found because you use too much bandwidth of their servers. Ikariam Empire Board, adds a table in the bottom of the page with information about all of your colonies. By using that you are not able to be found since it only reveals information once you’ve opened the exact page that it wants. Ika-core-SearchTools, adds an information bar on your left, with search capabilities, but you should be aware that you are easily spotted by using the search tool to find a players’ cities. However Ika-core-SerchTools are useful for their feature to inform you about you total army in your cities page, without going to your barracks, and also adds information on your city, about which buildings are available for your resources to upgrade.

And finally our most interesting part, the Sexy Theme. You can use it freely and no one will find that. I guess the wankers are using it already. Happy gaming fellow humanoids. God be with you!

Update: The problem for finding a players’ cities is solved with that tool.

Update 2: Seems that for some reason that page is down. But we were winning and without it, so…

Update 3: Here is the list of the legal scripts.

Update 4: The tool for finding players cities is down for sure.

Update 5: Seems the the script is valid in Chrome, too!! Wooooooooooooooo.