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OpenGL Pong

Seems that a lot of foreign people had been redirected to the OpenGL Pong post that was in greek and left the page because they couldn’t understand it so I’m reposting it in english.

This is an OpenGL 2D pong as simple as it can be. There are a lot of mistakes of course but the code is working and that’s what I wanted. The rest is simple to fix if need. I wanted to make it as simple as I could for reference reasons. You can download it here with lots of comments. In case it helped you please remember to thank me. It would help motivate me!

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How to install OpenGL headers in Linux and compile your source files

Particularly in Ubuntu, to be accurate. I’ve spent my whole morning trying to find a way, and I’ve found a lot of nonsense. So here it is. Open Synaptic Package Manager, search for glut, or freeglut, and install the “-dev” version. As simple as that….

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