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Talk to strangers

My grandmother always used to tell me “Don’t talk to strangers”, my grandfather used to tell me to reject people who want to give me something like candies, my mother told me never to open the door to strangers. Well, I just did the opposite.

A friend of mine introduced me to this website where you can go and simply talk to someone. It’s really easy, but that special someone will be a stranger that just happened to get in that website. This probably means many of things. Or he wants to make fun, or make internet sex, or meet people in real life and then steal their inner organs like the rib, or eyes and then sell them to a rich man in exchange for 5.000.000$  (I find it a nice deal if you ask me). But other people like me, get in there and talk about politics. Well I just happened to speak to a Chinese, that wanted to shoot Mao and all his family ( not actually but this sounds more dramatical). I suggest CIA to add this website to the list of probable source of terrorist discussions, along with Second Life, Lineage 2 and other MMO games. You never know what you will find!

In other words expect the fall of that evil communist government that torture the world. I would help him, but as I said I’m at vacation, so no time for that. DEMOCRACY FTW!!!!