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The benefit of a server

Before a day or two or more, I created a file server using FreeNAS Operating System (OS). My PC was a Celeron D 2,4 GHz, with 256 Mb. I use mainly that file server for storing my files, but also for FTP access to my files from the internet, and for a torrent downloader. Not bad, uh?

FreeNAS is an excellent OS, it does a lot of things while taking only 50Mb of my hard disk. It could be a Web Server, with SSH protocol, it can also manage RAID 5 disks. The bad thing with FreeNAS is that it isn’t a Game Server. By Game Server I mean you could install some games, and then you can be given an option which game to play, and then play it. You don’t need to enter your desktop to do that, and after all, anything else could use an amount of memory that the game would benefit from it.

Oh, and don’t take me wrong. By saying games, I don’t mean text based. I mean real 3D games. People got bored opening their PC, entering Windows or Linux or MAC, and then starting a game. WE DON’T WANT TO ENTER THE DESKTOP, WE JUST WANT TO PLAY THE DAMN GAME. That’s the reason for the ban we get from the society. As gamers we don’t get what we deserve. That’s the reason for behaviors like the mans’ from the video.

The reason I’m writing this nonsense is because I finally met something that is simply working without errors. GO GET’EM FREENAS.