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Another ChromeOS build

Admit it, such an Operating System would be nice to be in a usb stick and be used from any kind of pc. This is a reality and also nowadays we have automatic updates so that you don’t need to create another image with the latest build.

Hexxeh really made a good job on this. Here is the link of his built: . You may check the wiki for compatibility issues. In my HP G7000 it didn’t log in at all, but the previous versions I tried on my desktop seem to work smoothly. I wonder, how I can connect to my google account if the ChromeOS can’t find my wireless card, and how can I tell it in which network to connect…

But again I was a bit bored to try out the cables so I’ll keep the question for me. For now it seems there isn’t an official Google Chrome OS blog so we are to be informed of updates from numerous other sites. Anyway, just be a bit patient. It will come eventually.

Google Chrome OS

Tried to compile it but failed. It resulted in a couple of errors and I was very borred to install it on my laptop anyway. So, what does someone when the only thing he wants is test it? Virtualization!!!!

So, I found a prebuilt image with it. Loaded it in Virtual box, started it, and……that’s it. Nothing else. I normally logged, and saw the chrome browser, and I browsed. I had a really amazing browsing. Couldn’t download anything though, because in Chrome OS you can’t store locally your files.

I admit it’s very stable, until a page isn’t compatible with it… then the whole thing sucks. Anyway, I shall wait with my ultra amazing linux OS, until Chrome will be compatible with Quake Live. I also recall that people use netbooks to browse facebook, and chat in Live Messenger. What reason would anyone have to use ChromeOS if they can’t install the second? Use Meebo or something? Browsing FTW is it?

Bah, I shall wait the stable version. After all its Google. All hail Google.

Google Wave until now

So, I’ve been using google wave for…. um I don’t remember exactly,… lets see um, the first wave was the welcome one at 28 of October, um, that gives me roughly one month I suppose. I watched the Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009 on youtube and really found out some neat stuff :). But firstly, the video (yes I know its one hour):

So after this I went on checking the gadgets, and found this useful page with everything in it. Here are the best I picked.

  • BotURL, it replaces a link with a shorter url, showing the page you are heading to.
  • Emoticony, replaces text representations of emoticons to emoticons :).
  • Tweety, you can tweet in twitter and also shows you the tweets of your friends there. The link is broken, here is the address
  • linky, adds live to a url that you type, a link. The address is
  • picsinwave, replaces urls of images with the image itself. However if you have other bots edit the url it may not work. The link is broken either so here is the address
  • spelly, underlines with red what it doesn’t understand, and shows you a pop up so that you can correct the word. The address is

In short google wave is a wonderful tool. I replaced instant messaging tool with all my friends that are in. It works pretty well as an instant messenger, and can make the conversation easier by talking with someone, showing videos without leaving the page, uploading photos, writing at where you want to answer, and surely there are a lot more to come.

What got my interest though are games, as always. Here is the xml for the chess, just click on the Add Gadget by URL button and put it there to play. Seems rather easy implementing games in google wave. This one is with xml, others are in java, and I’m waiting even more. As said Google Wave is a collaborative tool fixed in a browser, so we are simply letting the web evolve. I’m just curious of what game I could develop…

Google Wave

Recently I had an invitation for Google Wave. With only 2 friends there, it wasn’t fun at all. But now I have to spare 8 invitations to friends :D

In general Google Wave is a fine web application. Most of all its a communication application. With Google Wave you can’t find ex-classmates, join groups, or things like that you do to facebook. However you can speak real-time to friends, make easily a poll and discuss about something with friends easily.  It’s interface is nice and smooth, as always to Google products.

I keep wondering what its use would be, and if it beat Facebook. With its own API in no time applications will be built that can cover all the facebook features. It all depends on the community. Also I keep wondering what will it be when google release Google Chrome OS. They are all promising but unseen so far.

I love Google but these actions are really risky, and I keep wondering if they succeed. By the way, to browse Google Wave with Internet Explorer you will need Chrome framework installed.