Hey, I’m alive! Unity and more part 2

So, continuing from my last post. Let’s see. It’s been some crazy year. I took part to Ludum Dare #31 Jam, with another developer. We decided to take part at almost last minute. With only 24 hours left. So we worked the Saturday, and then the day after that after our normal job, aaaall night long. We started again Monday 20.00 o’clock and finished around Tuesday 03.00. Time zones worked in favor for us! But, ach, these last minutes. We were racing against time to complete the game. I was at the edge of saying “alright. we can’t do it. Let’s not waste any more sleep hours”. But the persistent side of mine prevailed. At the final hour we completed the game and started packaging it for upload.

But Murphy’s law hit us. The internet connection dropped. I hope you have not experienced the rage… the anguish. Oh, every last drop of humanity in me disappeared. It just wasn’t valid by my laws. Well, let me spare you the detailed description. We decided to use our mobile carrier’s 3G network to share connection to the laptop and upload the game. So we set up everything, and BAAAM, internet connection is up again.

I just wanted to throw everything out of the window at that moment….

Well, we uploaded our game. You can find it here. And a little post accompanying it. We named it Escape The Screen and it is a puzzle/hidden object game or something like that. A hybrid lets say. Admittedly it did very well as far as the theme is concerned. We were ranked #17! The game was developed in Unity3D and purely with the new UI tools. It was a good and learning experience.

So, what else. I started contributing to GitHub a lot. I have uploaded a Sprite Animator script to animate your sprite for Sprite Renderer without the need of using the Animator component. You also save some draw calls when using the same atlas multiple times.

I’ve really learned to work with Unity3D. Everything now seems easy. And you know what they say. When all you have is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail. Still, I take some time to look at what other engines are doing, and any blog posts of any matter on that.

By the way, for a lot of time now I’ve been using git to backup my projects. I do consider it a backup solution and not just Source Versioning. So, blame me but I like gui tools instead of command line. I was using SmartGit and it did a job very well done, but I hate it that I have to stare the start screen eeeevery time I fire it up. And when I leave it open it starts “auto” clean up. WTF??? And I have to wait until it finishes, because guess what? I can’t stop it! And my working pc is screaming with all processor’s cycles working on that clean up, which takes its sweet time. Well, fuck you SmartGit. *exhales* I’m switching to SourceTree. (Yes I know I can disable auto clean up. But clearly the people who made it don’t use it that much, or they don’t have huge projects to keep up).

Well, that’s that. Until next time!

PS: Because I enjoy watching other people playing games and I find it very relaxing, I very much suggest this series: XCOM: War Within – Live and Impossible

PS2: Lately I’ve been reading a lot of reddit. The wealth of information is amazing. It took me some time to get used to it.

PS3: Is it bad that I read work-related stuff at work? I find it very useful, although I could read them later, say at my free time, but I’m afraid I will forget them or don’t read them at all. It has benefited me a lot so far but I wonder if it’s the correct thing to do.


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  1. Reddit has tremendous game development resources. I definitely recommend it.

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