Hey, I’m alive! Unity and more

Darn it, I’ve really have some time to write something to this blog. My apologies. Real life has caught me up again. Let me sum up the past few days.

First of all work. Well, I leveled up (a bit). We started working on a 3D game with Unity3D this time. No more flash. Don’t get me wrong, I like flash. I really think it’s what newest programmers getting in the world of games should start working with. Flash gives you the advantage to get straight into designed graphics without the hassle needed from other engines to load the texture into the memory, create a quad (or a mesh), create a UV for that mesh (or quad), and finally place it somewhere on scene. Well, in flash you just load the texture and voilla! It’s visible. There also a bunch of nifty engines out there, like Starling (totally kickass!) and flashpunk(kickass totally!), and a new developer is going to learn a lot. There also easy monetization options. You can pick a publisher for free and upload your game to Kongregate, or sell it to FGL, or build it for desktop, you can put ads, or IAPs. Just imagine it and puff, here you have it.

But, I was speaking about my work. Sorry, I got dragged a bit. So here we are working with Unity3D. Yayyy….. :-( I hate Unity3D. I would really prefer something else. Unity3D is easy, I agree. But damn it, it’s ugly. And laggy. Guys at Unity3D are really trying to make that up. Unity5 is quite promising. At last we get the nifty PhysX 3.3. And hell yeah, 64bit editor. And finally Unity becomes modern with the PBS. If they would support the newest .NET that would make me really happy. Perhaps it would make the development enjoyable, because I’m really bored with the current state C# is at (maybe if C# hadn’t progressed and stayed at version 2 that wouldn’t be the case. I just hate being behind). Trying to work with Unity to make a big modern game is hard as hell. The performance is gross. And the asset tools don’t help you at all ( can I have some serious support on dithering please? ). And please don’t let me talk about nested prefabs.

However there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The new UI tools are saving me a lot of time. And they are nifty too! They did a damn nice job. Unity5 as I said is great (keep it up please), and I’ve really thrived against my arch-enemies. Math and Shaders. I’m starting to understand algebra ( I took my sweet time at that ), and started my work on shaders too. So far only CG, but I believe that the logic behind shaders stays the same. I also started working on AI at last. To develop an AI was a child’s dream for me and at last, I’m making my way up with a Behavior Tree. To add more to it I’m making a custom inspector too to help me build it up. I’ve always made some tools for the Inspector here and there but never a full customization. It’s not elegant yet, but it works.

I have also touched networking with Unity3D. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Photon but when I started working on it, I found it hard to understand. So I got back to Smartfox which is kickass, and I already know it. The asset in the Unity’s Asset Store is not that updated so I would recommend people to head to the official website of SmartFox and download it from there along with the examples. It requires java knowledge but you can visit my previous article about smartfox in actionscript when I was experimenting with flash networking to give you a starting point.

So, let’s see… what else. Well I’ve made a game with Unity3D for Windows Phone and store. It’s named Catchy Fishy. It was something simple, which I devoted my free afternoons for about 3 months to create. I joined a Microsoft’s and Unity’s contest with it, which earned me a Win8 license, 100$ voucher for the Asset Store, a Nokia Lumia 1320 and a Nokia Lumia 925. Oh, and some pretty free advertisement of my game in Windows Store too. Well, not bad ;-) That game was really worth it although I could make it better. I was just for the contest and I made it in my free time, but I really think it could be better with some small updates.

I’ve just deleted some things that I started writing. I’ll do a second part. Enough writing for today I guess. I should have written all this time. It’s so rare lately for me to find some free time. I hope I make up with this post and (hopefully) the next one.

Cheers for now :-)


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  1. Nice to see you enjoying Unity! :)

    Did the Dither script I tried to make help? :)

    • Unfortunately not :-( . The problem was that unity applied its own compression and didn’t let me keep my own. I wanted to export a texture from Texture Packer and RGBA4444 with dithering and Unity re-applied its compression on top.

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