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How to try to make money from flash games

I said “try” haven’t I? Well there is a reason for that. Flash games earn money. The interesting part is what you earn from these… but let’s start from the start. There are two ways to earn money from flash games. Advertisements (ads) and licensing ( or sponsoring ). I’ve so far tried out only the first one, but I’m into trying licensing when I get the chance.

To sum up licensing, it is the part where you sell your flash game to a sponsor. For that they pay you an interesting amount of money, and if they have it exclusively your earnings are more. What you are supposed to do is add their logo and their link into your game, and give the swf to them. They also may accept your ads. The fact is that licensing is a one time pay job, but it has the potential of big earnings. It also needs a lot of waiting time, about 2 months, to get a fair offer. If you happen to get interested check out Flash Game License. That’s it for licensing.

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