Learning art as a programmer

Recently I’ve read a post on Gamasutra about 2D Game Art for Programmers. Very curious about it I’ve read it all, and the second part (and i’m not used in long articles and graphics tutorials). I was really astonished by the result I’ve achieved. You can check here my deviantART profile.

I’ve used Inkscape, and what  I really liked is the part that vector graphics can be easily manipulated to any dimensions without worries. Rotated, scaled, positioned with lossless quality, easy, thanks to Inkscape. I’ve grown to love it in a matter of hours (yeah, I was free that day).

As a programmer I’ve always wanted high quality graphics for my games but it was even harder finding prototypes. That said I was never satisfied with the result. And of course I couldn’t pay for professionals. Luckily I had patient friends… For start I’ve used graphics from Moosader, a nice portal with free (as in freedom) art with no copyrights. That helped me a lot with my prototypes. But later on I couldn’t release the game with those graphics.

So here came vector graphics and the above tutorial I found :D . I’ve created lots of graphics for test with very lovely results. Not characters though, I was afraid to try, but soil, wall, and crates were very easy. I’ve even managed to make them tilable, so you can easily create a continuous environment. As said, you can scale them, position and rotate them as you want. You can even try my own graphics, they are free, just remember to mention me in your credits please :)

I’ve always wanted to create a platform game. Now there is one less reason for not trying…. there are a couple more though :P But in any case, if you ever want to create graphics check it out ;) Being a programmer and not an artist guy it helped me a lot.

Update 1: Seems that there is a bunch of these tutorials @ 2D Game Art for Programmers. Thanks to SpriteAttack!


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