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Ludum Dare – My experience

The past weekend I participated in 22nd Ludum Dare compo. For anyone who doesn’t know Ludum Dare is a game creation contest (more like a festival actually) where game developers who want to participate must create a game within a certain theme in 48 hours and release it as Open Source. The theme for the 22nd Ludum Dare was “Alone”. What do you earn by winning? Well, fame, and only fame.

48 HOURS? R U SERIOUS? NO MONEY? OPEN SOURCE? Well yes. 21 times now it worked, why not now :P ? It’s a really well known contest. The famous Notch (creator of Minecraft) is taking part in the last ones, and others like Chevy Ray, Sophie Houlden and other known indie developers. I always expected those taking part in the contest writing endless hours code, not eating, not sleeping, just CODE. Many times I have wondered the feeling of it, so I decided to take part in the 22nd contest. Unfortunately, things in my calendar didn’t go exactly well, and I lost the Saturday. Not until late Sarurday did I find out the the contest was running….

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Learning art as a programmer

Recently I’ve read a post on Gamasutra about 2D Game Art for Programmers. Very curious about it I’ve read it all, and the second part (and i’m not used in long articles and graphics tutorials). I was really astonished by the result I’ve achieved. You can check here my deviantART profile.

I’ve used Inkscape, and what  I really liked is the part that vector graphics can be easily manipulated to any dimensions without worries. Rotated, scaled, positioned with lossless quality, easy, thanks to Inkscape. I’ve grown to love it in a matter of hours (yeah, I was free that day). Read the rest of this entry