Week #6 of ISS development

Actually it wasn’t a week. More like a month i reality because I wasn’t working on the game. But nevertheless I consider my work for a weeks work. This weeks build was considered as RC. My database with the leaderboards started filling up, the feedback was enormous, so I knew what to do next. Also every image that was left behind in quality was changed so I had a pretty nice game at that point. This is the players changelog as always.

  • Changed player image with a better animated image.
  • Changed big enemies image with a better animated image.
  • When player has lost he can restart the level.
  • Added the game won screen.
  • Pixel perfect collision detection for player.
  • In level selection you can view your scores and the highest.
  • Added a Brutal difficulty in which you can’t restart the level and the player continues with the lives he has left. There is a different leaderboard for Brutal difficulty.
  • Bug fixes.

Beta 03 gameplay of ISS.

I’ve also added the option to restart the level which as beta tester irritating a lot for not having it…. The pixel perfect collision was a massive change which I allowed the player to manuever his ship. I achieved high intense moments with that one and made the game more addictive. In level selection you can view with blue color your scores, and with red the high scores which made the game more competitive towards others :D . The Brutal difficulty was an incoming addition since the game was easy to win. So I wanted to add some more life to it.
As for the nice graphics they are pixel art from my good friend Theodore Barlas, who created these nice animated art pixel by pixel :D. Nothing to say more…. Graphics had a big difference between them and that was a problem to me, but I didn’t care since I didn’t have the previous pixeled graphics, and as a humble programming with no idea about art I was more than satisfied :D
You can try the game here, and compare it with the released version here.

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