Final week of ISS development – release – lots of crying

Well at that time I didn’t have any time for myself. I had other plans for tons of gameplays and features but real life has overwhelmed me. So after a big frozen period I decided to make the release now or never.

Some things changed during the last release. The assets were changed again to make the game have one solid graphic style (thanks to Theodore Barlas). I made menus clickable with the mouse, and added a back button at the bottom left. I had plans to make a button that would mute the sound but I decided not to, and I can’t remember why…. After that the time came to upload it.

I’ve planned to release my game on Mochi. Mochi is a semi-amazing network of flash games. The amazing is that it provides a wonderful API for tracking players, stats, scores and above all, it obfuscates (encrypts) the code for evil swf decompilers. I chose to have a preloader ad, that would preload my game instead of creating a preloader myself and also make me money. So I uploaded my game, and awaited authorization.

But, ach, mein Gott (as Helsing sais), you can never trust the developer to do a satisfying beta testing. ISS had a big bug. In main menu by giving access to mouse, I’ve destroyed keyboard input. In case a player would tap the keyboard in main menu it would simply froze. I would never pass the Quality Assurance of Mochi with that. I wondered how did it skip me, but I immediately fixed it by removing at all the keyboard in main menu. The bad thing was that I COULDN’T CHANGE THE BUILD I SENT TO MOCHI! So I was sure of my first try to be a failure.

Oddly enough, that did not happen. Next day afternoon I’ve received a nice email that said politely that my game passed QA and I was ready for monetization. Hardly believing it I logged in and immediately changed my build with version 1.1 . And I finally was ready ‘-) . Glad as never I sitted hours in front of my monitor watching the stats going high.


I’ve just made my first 0.01$ from making games! I couldn’t even believe it, and almost cried. I continued sitting in front of my monitor watching the stats, and as time reached 02.00 am I’ve seen my 2nd cent!! Being hyperactive at that moment I’ve stared at my monitor for hours, looking at my source code removing and adding and fixing code from mochi API. Reality is a bitch however but thankfully not for my game. I had to do some real work which I’ve totally quitted that day, so I decided to get some sleep and wake up early.

The other day, I’ve opened my computer to do some work, logged in mochi and saw my 3rd cent! Being like –>OMG<–, I’ve advertised my game everywhere. Twitter, G+, Facebook. Friends have helped a lot by sharing my posts. That day I made an extra 5 cents, and between fun and reality I’ve wondered if this is how it’ll go, making 5 to 10 cents a day. I’ve really had to make a dozen of more games and to do that I had to make that my everyday life occupancy, which was not bad as an option….

I would host my game here but unfortunately WordPress doesn’t allow flash, so here’s the link.

Home page of ISS in Mochi.

I’ll make some more posts about other flash game networks since I’ve released my game to others. Also I’ll tell you how much money I make now to contrast it with your everyday job in another post (not so much so don’t get excited), and I hope to help you for your first steps in game development as indie (indies FTW, I’ve really grown to love that philosophy). The technical posts on FlashPunk will also continue to come.

Until then, its time to code some games again baby….


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