Monthly Archives: November 2011

Menu system for ISS

ISS started with an arrow driven menu designed by Abel Toy for indie(Magazine);, but when i decided to release it I changed it all for mouse clicks. It was just better, to control it with mouse. I did it with no entities just text and here’s the code.

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Final week of ISS development – release – lots of crying

Well at that time I didn’t have any time for myself. I had other plans for tons of gameplays and features but real life has overwhelmed me. So after a big frozen period I decided to make the release now or never.

Some things changed during the last release. The assets were changed again to make the game have one solid graphic style (thanks to Theodore Barlas). I made menus clickable with the mouse, and added a back button at the bottom left. I had plans to make a button that would mute the sound but I decided not to, and I can’t remember why…. After that the time came to upload it. Read the rest of this entry

Week #6 of ISS development

Actually it wasn’t a week. More like a month i reality because I wasn’t working on the game. But nevertheless I consider my work for a weeks work. This weeks build was considered as RC. My database with the leaderboards started filling up, the feedback was enormous, so I knew what to do next. Also every image that was left behind in quality was changed so I had a pretty nice game at that point. This is the players changelog as always.

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