Week #5 of ISS development

About here I was convinced to release my game. But, ach, my friends were merciless.

The changes in Beta 02 were massive, and I didn’t release my game that time as I was intending to (thank God!!!). At that time I’ve begun and my notorious PR campaign by advertising my game everywhere (for example this devlog) :D

The players changelog (so I call the changelog that interests the users without the techy stuff) was

  • Improved Main Menu
  • Changed resolution from 800×600  to 640×480 – That was done mostly to make the game more browser-based. No one would accept an 800×600 resolution.
  • Score is based from the effectiveness of the player, his accuracy and his remaining life. – Gives replay value to the game.
  • In case the swf looses focus from the user the game automatically pauses. – That is done in case the user is multitasking e.g. his boss just appeared behind him.
  • Added a settings menu.
  • Mouse can be activated to play. – That is done also for multitasking e.g. the user is talking to the phone.
  • Added a highscore screen.
  • From pause screen the player can return to main menu. – At last….
  • Player’s life is an image. – Nothing better than easier ways to spot the situation the player is on.
  • Sounds can be muted. – No one would ever accept a game where he can’t mute the sound.
  • Redesigned levels. – Here you are alekos :P (the game was obviously way too hard).
  • Smaller size. – I’ve made the music lower bit ratio. It really didn’t have to be that high. The game is at half the size and quicker loaded.
  • Better performance – It’s always good to have more FPS for third world computers. More players!

Level 7 of beta 02 in original resolution. Clearly better fitted for a webpage.

Graphics remained as they were unfortunately. But that was to be fixed at next release. The game now seemed a lot better thanks to the swearing of one of my friends that got me motivated :)

There were still some bugs here and there, but a great deal of them was fixed, and I finally had a semi-nice game.

swf can be found here. And with this I was one step closer to the release.

And for my PR I’ve then started to say “Comments are not welcome, they are required” :D . So make a comment!!


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