Week #4 of ISS development

At that time I wanted to enter the beta phase, by planning a complete art overhaul. My friend Tonia Hoiba helped me with that, but bugs and feature requests started to arise before I even realised it. So I decided to run a prebeta release in order to know if everything was alright with bugs. That was done at Sunday, and I had 3 more days to release the beta as I release each version at late Wednesday.

These were the images that were used for the game. Tonia had sent me even more drawings, which I hope to publish some time, but these were the most fitted. I edited the images with the online free image editor pixlr. The only thing I did (and mostly wrong but later I learnt), was to create some layers and add some gradient. That did the job.

Small enemy.

The drawings by Tonia.

Medium enemy.

Bonus enemy

Boss enemy. This enemy was never used as I decided to complete the game and later to enhance it. If you wonder how did the aliens fit in there Tonia explained me that its like the tents in Harry Potter. Small outside, big inside.

As for the beta release I didn’t make it for a complete overhaul, but it was a great update from the previous version. Assets of 3 enemies except the Big have been changed. I added a How to Play screen, made the players’ health a visual graphic, added a settings menu where the player could mute the background sound and the sound effects by creating a class that controlled everything about sound in the game, and last but not least, the backbone of the stats system has been implemented.

If I knew from the start that a free stats service like playtomic existed I would have used it long before. It was amazing, the implementation was very easy, the algorithms they used very convenient, and it was free! And at last, I started to collect some valuable data that later helped me improve my levels design.

These two builds had some major problems, and most of all I didn’t made a lot of progress. But with the help of some swearing by a friend of mine I got motivated as to what to do next :).

As for the builds, you can find them here: preBeta, Beta01.


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  1. Τώρα είναι μια χαρά από θέμα δυσκολίας εκτός και αν εγώ ήμουν τόσο κακός παίκτης και το θεωρούσα δύσκολο.
    Περιμένω RC έκδοση :)

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