Weeks #2 & #3 of development of ISS

The next two alphas had some few but nice changes. I tried to get to know flashpunk and implemented a lot of basic stuff. Alpha 02 had particles, sound effects, a basic GUI that would stay there for some time, Win, Lost and Pause screens, and at last the enemies fired upon the player who had 3 lives. The game started to take shape but there were still a lot of things to fix, and the level selection, and about screen still didn’t work.

Alpha 02

That was fixed in Alpha 03 which had a lot of improvements and made the game much more like a game. A friend of mine, who knows a lot about games helped me with the game design such as the bullet speed which I increased and the game became a lot more interesting. Load level was renamed Select Level, and at last the levels were parsed from xml. I didn’t find any xml parser that I could use as I wanted, so I created my own which did a fine work and was very simple. For me who had no experience with as3 I was very impressed by its simplicity. I used Ogmo Editor for level creation, which exported the levels as xml, I added 3 more enemies, medium, big and bonus with the small that I already had. I added at last the About screen. From the freesound project , I’ve found a royalty free background music which I used in the main menu screen, and finally I removed that backdrops that I used for the starfield, and created a starfield class from the start, which uses Points as stars, and gives them different color and speed. Later on I even improved it but still it needs a lot of memory and I can’t find more ways to improve the performance even more. You can take a look at the starfield class, here.

Alpha 03

At last, the next steps were to improve the art, and I’ve found a good friend of mine to help me with the next release :).

You can find these alphas here : Alpha 02, Alpha 03.


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  1. Πω πολύ δύσκολο το έκανες :P :P :P

  2. Ναι έτσι ήταν στην αρχή :). Ευτυχώς μετά την αλλαγή της ανάλυσης το παιχνίδι άλλαξε ολοσχερώς και ευτυχώς είχα έναν ακούραστο beta tester στον οποίο χρωστάω πολλά :D

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