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Week #5 of ISS development

About here I was convinced to release my game. But, ach, my friends were merciless.

The changes in Beta 02 were massive, and I didn’t release my game that time as I was intending to (thank God!!!). At that time I’ve begun and my notorious PR campaign by advertising my game everywhere (for example this devlog) :D Read the rest of this entry


Σάββατο πρωί. Κανονικά θα ήταν ένα χαλαρό και φυσιολογικό Σάββατο, όπως όλα τα προηγούμενα. Ανάθεμα. Την Παρασκευή που πέρασε δεν είχε ΜΜΜ και δεν μπόρεσα να πάω στο παγωτατζίδικο που πηγαίνω κάθε Παρασκευή. Δηλαδή δεν ξενύχτησα σήμερα, δηλαδή ξενύχτησα σπίτι, μπροστά στον υπολογιστή, κάνοντας διάφορες βλακείες, και γράφοντας αναρτήσεις στο blog μου. Read the rest of this entry

SoundSystem of ISS and panning sounds in FlashPunk

For ISS I created a class that would handle each and every sound. The main purpose was to add a panning system which would play the sound 2D, by evaluating the source of the sound. If e.g. an enemy alien died at the left of the stage the sound would be higher from the left speaker than the right. As I noticed in ISS that was not obvious in the user but instictively the user new where the particular sound was coming from. In ISS where the player shoots consecutively, and aliens die one by one in a particular small time, this isn’t very helpful for the user but again, its a nice addition :).

EDIT: SoundSystem now has a repository with bug fixes. Find it here.

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Floating text in FlashPunk

Here’s how I did the floating text for ISS when the aliens die. Nothing fancy.

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Week #4 of ISS development

At that time I wanted to enter the beta phase, by planning a complete art overhaul. My friend Tonia Hoiba helped me with that, but bugs and feature requests started to arise before I even realised it. So I decided to run a prebeta release in order to know if everything was alright with bugs. That was done at Sunday, and I had 3 more days to release the beta as I release each version at late Wednesday.

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