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Week #1 of development of ISS

Here was I, just completed my military service in my country and returned to my home without nothing, but the decision to create a game. Easy to say. I’ve read some hundreds of times indie(Magazine); tutorials about flashpunk when I was in the army, and finally decided to create a music game with Flixel. But from the beginning I got stuck with the complexity of Flixels’ hierarchy. Seeing the community of flashpunk and the competitions that were being organized I dumped flixel for flashpunk and started over, with the tutorials of how to create a Space Invaders in FlashPunk from indie(Magazine);. The result was pretty good, and after a day, I decided to develop the game as I wanted.

My first alpha was, with a menu that only the option for new game worked. There was only one basic level with the positions of the enemies hardcoded in two fors. I was just beginning to use FlashPunk (and I was neither pro to as3) so I just tested some things like the useful FP.console which shows the entities that were in the level, the total memory that is used, the x, and y position of the mouse, the hitboxes and much more. The graphics were found in the free internetz without any concern about copyrights since I would change them. Particles didn’t exist, enemies didn’t shoot, player didn’t win, the overall game design was crap. The only good thing I did in Alpha 01 was the background with an image as two backdrops, that moved as a parallax background. But that gave me trouble later especially in memory consumption.

So that was alpha 01. You can find the dump swf here.

Introduction to ISS

Invaders from the Strange Space (ISS) is a game I’m developing in ActionScript 3 with FlashPunk. It began as an experimental project of a Space Invaders clone before a month, to better understand FlashPunk but in the end the pile of ideas swarmed my mind. Now I’m continuing the development with new features that I have in mind, hoping that in two weeks from now it will be released, and later in flash games networks.

Right now is in Beta 1, and I am releasing weekly builds. More about its development will follow.

Also I’ve created a devlog, to which this is the first post. Guess the name of it!!! You can view it at the top of the page.

Source and downloads available: source code home page– swf

Developing with FlashPunk

After some time playing with FlashPunk I finally think I got a big part of it. FlashPunk is an actionscript 3 game engine for flash. And that is the magic, because I didn’t need the fancy Adobe Flash Professional which costs 700$ to develop a game. Just download flashdevelop and start coding in actionscript 3.

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