Monthly Archives: February 2010

Another ChromeOS build

Admit it, such an Operating System would be nice to be in a usb stick and be used from any kind of pc. This is a reality and also nowadays we have automatic updates so that you don’t need to create another image with the latest build.

Hexxeh really made a good job on this. Here is the link of his built: . You may check the wiki for compatibility issues. In my HP G7000 it didn’t log in at all, but the previous versions I tried on my desktop seem to work smoothly. I wonder, how I can connect to my google account if the ChromeOS can’t find my wireless card, and how can I tell it in which network to connect…

But again I was a bit bored to try out the cables so I’ll keep the question for me. For now it seems there isn’t an official Google Chrome OS blog so we are to be informed of updates from numerous other sites. Anyway, just be a bit patient. It will come eventually.