Monthly Archives: December 2009

Choosing a meal

So, it’s Christmas, which includes meetings with relatives, decorating, talk to people you like, meet with friends and spend some (more) time together, going trips or staying home and doing something that you like on your own, now that you finally have your free time.

I forgot something most important in the list above. Eating, that is! For God’s shake people go and eat something special. Chinese, Armenian, Vietnamese, anything, you will not have that opportunity for a year. Even if it’s bad tasting, it surely is something special that you can add in your achievements. But watch out. There are people out there who know that you will be eating, and guess what! They are looking for your money!

New York Times, has published an article describing how the design of a menu can affect your orders. PEOPLE, this is a dare situation, that needs direful actions. We must take the initiative. People this is urgent. If we lose our appetite then we lose everything. We are not going again to make a choice of our own! Advertisements are all over the place, the menus were just a matter of time.

People we need you all these moments. Alone we are not going to accomplish anything. Just try to make a choice that you want the most, and forget about anything else. Do not care on what they tell you, or what they would like. Act on your own, and if you want it so much, then take that dish. Remember folks, it’s Christmas. Act as you like. Here is a video to cheer you up.


Google Wave until now

So, I’ve been using google wave for…. um I don’t remember exactly,… lets see um, the first wave was the welcome one at 28 of October, um, that gives me roughly one month I suppose. I watched the Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009 on youtube and really found out some neat stuff :). But firstly, the video (yes I know its one hour):

So after this I went on checking the gadgets, and found this useful page with everything in it. Here are the best I picked.

  • BotURL, it replaces a link with a shorter url, showing the page you are heading to.
  • Emoticony, replaces text representations of emoticons to emoticons :).
  • Tweety, you can tweet in twitter and also shows you the tweets of your friends there. The link is broken, here is the address
  • linky, adds live to a url that you type, a link. The address is
  • picsinwave, replaces urls of images with the image itself. However if you have other bots edit the url it may not work. The link is broken either so here is the address
  • spelly, underlines with red what it doesn’t understand, and shows you a pop up so that you can correct the word. The address is

In short google wave is a wonderful tool. I replaced instant messaging tool with all my friends that are in. It works pretty well as an instant messenger, and can make the conversation easier by talking with someone, showing videos without leaving the page, uploading photos, writing at where you want to answer, and surely there are a lot more to come.

What got my interest though are games, as always. Here is the xml for the chess, just click on the Add Gadget by URL button and put it there to play. Seems rather easy implementing games in google wave. This one is with xml, others are in java, and I’m waiting even more. As said Google Wave is a collaborative tool fixed in a browser, so we are simply letting the web evolve. I’m just curious of what game I could develop…