Monthly Archives: November 2009

Windows 7

Yesterday I just installed Windows 7. It took me about 45 minutes, and also a had a headache after that process, but lets stick to Windows 7. The installation options were pretty straightforward. There were some times when the screen was empty or didn’t change and thought it was stuck, but fortunately I was patient and didn’t close the PC. To sum the installation procedure you simply have to be patient. Nothing more, windows will guide you after that.

After the installation was completed, I saw the AMAZING boot screen. Of course after a dozen of restarts you may start getting bored with it, but still no other OS has THAT boot screen (you may try Fedora 10 which had something similar). The background pictures are also amazing, and they are changing once in a while. You may get confused with the taskbar but you’ll eventually get used to it. It’s working after all.

Many users, including me, are also interested in Windows XP mode. It’s a 500 MB file and it was supposed to be nice until I realized its performance is like remotely connecting to another PC, so I recommend a virtual machine. 3DS Max 2008 ainstalled nicely althought it changes the colors to basic. SQL Server needed the SP1 to work, fortunately Visual Studio downloaded it on its own. The tremendous thing is that Windows Live Messenger has bug problems and stucks sometimes when you start it. I mean WOW, but it probably needs a reinstallation or something!

Anyway, there are also lots of things, like the fact that ribbons are now everywhere even in the Paint, but I really loved the aesthetics of Windows 7, and that you can easily change it, in case you don’t like it you know. I was pleasantly disappointed by the fact it had so few bugs, as a Linux fan, but now I have problems with the release of FreeNAS 0.7 so it’s probably just me.

So how about you. Did your PC explode or something?


Google Wave

Recently I had an invitation for Google Wave. With only 2 friends there, it wasn’t fun at all. But now I have to spare 8 invitations to friends :D

In general Google Wave is a fine web application. Most of all its a communication application. With Google Wave you can’t find ex-classmates, join groups, or things like that you do to facebook. However you can speak real-time to friends, make easily a poll and discuss about something with friends easily.  It’s interface is nice and smooth, as always to Google products.

I keep wondering what its use would be, and if it beat Facebook. With its own API in no time applications will be built that can cover all the facebook features. It all depends on the community. Also I keep wondering what will it be when google release Google Chrome OS. They are all promising but unseen so far.

I love Google but these actions are really risky, and I keep wondering if they succeed. By the way, to browse Google Wave with Internet Explorer you will need Chrome framework installed.

Love Season

Ok, from a discussion I had seems I misunderstood which is the season of love. I thought it was the Spring, but it seems that women want to look nice in Summer, when they dress a little bit,… lets say light, and go to the beach.

I love summer but as for a love season I prefer Spring. However, a new competent has risen. Autumn! Autumn is nice, when you walk through the park and the leaves fall. When you see the parents protect their children from cold, and children run here and there happy, awaiting for the snow.

These all makes me wanna cry! It is a good think to lie on ones shoulder and enjoy the moment.

I like winter too, but not as a season that benefits love. What’s your opinion?