How video games virtualize real life

You learnt from my previous post, that video games help people earn experience, or literally speaking xp points, but no one agreed with me, or at least no one showed me that I was right. Now here is and a second evidence that I was actually right, except if this analyst copied me and just cloned something which I presented first, so it would be a fraud. If that’s the case, I guarantee to you that I know nothing. Anyway here it is.

In this article, Peter Suderman, shows a real example how con mans and people who think are rich, affected the EVE economy. For those who live under a rock, EVE is a multiplayer game one from the so called MMO games (more information here). Players in EVE are real, they act real but simply in a virtual world. They act for the best of them as you act your own in your life, if you aren’t suicidal that is. With the disposal of these cheaters the economy grew better like it restored from an economic crisis (does this rings a bell?). The population grew, the game was more realistic, and one also good thing is that the servers were not overloading again. In real life this means that cheaters spread uncertainty to the world, they are the source of a hundred problems, and they are not populating themselves in a natural way.

In my previous post I encouraged politicians to play MMO games. Now I encourage everyone. Simply find a game that suits you. There are lot and certainly one for you. Live on my fellow humanoids.


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